Acid Tests

  • Title: Acid Tests
  • Author: Ken Kesey
  • ISBN: 9781841660424
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Audio CD
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Acid Tests : by Ken Kesey - Acid Tests, Acid Tests The Sound City Acid Test originally made in as The Pranksters venture into the world of The Beatles is released for the first time on CD Seventy four minutes of reading poetry music and mayhe
    [PDF] Read ↠ Acid Tests : by Ken Kesey - Acid Tests, Acid Tests The Sound City Acid Test originally made in as The Pranksters venture into the world of The Beatles is released for the first time on CD Seventy four minutes of reading poetry music and mayhe

    • [PDF] Read ↠ Acid Tests : by Ken Kesey
      359Ken Kesey
    Acid Tests

    About Ken Kesey

    1. American writer, who gained world fame with his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest 1962, filmed 1975 In the 1960s, Kesey became a counterculture hero and a guru of psychedelic drugs with Timothy Leary Kesey has been called the Pied Piper, who changed the beat generation into the hippie movement.Ken Kesey was born in La Junta, CO, and brought up in Eugene, OR Kesey spent his early years hunting, fishing, swimming he learned to box and wrestle, and he was a star football player He studied at the University of Oregon, where he acted in college plays On graduating he won a scholarship to Stanford University Kesey soon dropped out, joined the counterculture movement, and began experimenting with drugs In 1956 he married his school sweetheart, Faye Haxby.Kesey attended a creative writing course taught by the novelist Wallace Stegner His first work was an unpublished novel, ZOO, about the beatniks of the North Beach community in San Francisco Tom Wolfe described in his book The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test 1968 Kesey and his friends, called the Merry Pranksters, as they traveled the country and used various hallucinogens Their bus, called Furthur, was painted in Day Glo colors In California Kesey s friends served LSD laced Kool Aid to members of their parties.At a Veterans Administration hospital in Menlo Park, California, Kesey was paid as a volunteer experimental subject, taking mind altering drugs and reporting their effects These experiences as a part time aide at a psychiatric hospital, LSD sessions and a vision of an Indian sweeping there the floor formed the background for One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest, set in a mental hospital While writing the work, and continuing in the footsteps of such writers as Thomas De Quincy Confessions of an English Opium Eater, 1821 , Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception, 1954 , and William S Burroughs Naked Lunch, 1959 , Kesey took peyote The story is narrated by Chief Bromden Into his world enters the petty criminal and prankster Randall Patrick McMurphy with his efforts to change the bureaucratic system of the institution, ruled by Nurse Ratched The film adaptation of the book gained a huge success When the film won five Academy Awards, Kesey was barely mentioned during the award ceremonies, and he made known his unhappiness with the film He did not like Jack Nicholson, or the script, and sued the producers.Kesey s next novel, Sometimes a Great Notion 1964 , appeared two years later and was also made into a film, this time directed by Paul Newman The story was set in a logging community and centered on two brothers and their bitter rivalry in the family After the work, Kesey gave up publishing novels He formed a band of Merry Pranksters , set up a commune in La Honda, California, bought an old school bus, and toured America and Mexico with his friends, among them Neal Cassady, Kerouac s travel companion Dressed in a jester s outfit, Kesey was the chief prankster.In 1965 Kesey was arrested for possession of marijuana He fled to Mexico, where he faked an unconvincing suicide and then returned to the United States, serving a five month prison sentence at the San Mateo County Jail After this tumultuous period he bought farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, settled down with his wife to raise their four children, and taught a graduate writing seminar at the University of Oregon In the early 1970s Kesey returned to writing and published Kesey s Garage Sale 1973 His later works include the children s book Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear 1990 and Sailor Song 1992 , a futuristic tale about an Alaskan fishing village and Hollywood film crew Last Go Around 1994 , Kesey s last book, was an account of a famous Oregon rodeo written in the form of pulp fiction In 2001, Kesey died of complications after surgery for liver cancer.


    1. The actual title of this book is the Electric Kool Aid Acid test It is the story of Ken Kesey just getting out of jail and spending time with his friends The group of them were called the Merry Pranksters The group included notable rock legends such as the Grateful Dead, as well as luminaries such as Timothy Leary Among other things, they decide to travel around California in a psychedelic bus, and turn on the world with LSD laced Kool Aid It was called taking the ACID TEST A very interesting re [...]


    2. Another book brought to me by my drug using friends in high school They would sit around inside Denny s and order Coffee and quote lines to each other from this book So I decided to check it out for myself and hated it Luckily they never pushed their drugs or their books on me.


    3. thought it was a riot, must have been my state of mind.


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